Nanofactory User Group


On 11 April 2013 Nanofactory Instruments AB was declared bankrupt and bought shortly after. Since it is not yet known if and how the purchaser will continue to sell in situ holders and spare parts, this group was started in order to create a place for owners and users of the Nanofactory in situ TEM systems to ask and answer questions, or in any other possible way help one another out.


  • To see a list of the members of the Nanofactory User Group, click here.


  • To directly go to the open discussion forum, click here.


If you are an owner or user of the Nanofactory in situ systems and would like to be added to the member list, or if you have any suggestions on this webpage or on the user forum, please send an email to info@nanofactory-user-group.org.



  • Join the Nanofactory User Group meeting in conjunction with IMC2014 in Prague.

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